Complimentary Offer: Market Opportunities Report


The Market Opportunities Report leverages the powerful data insights of GrowthPoint and that of our partners such as Dun & Bradstreet, to deliver our clients an unparalleled view of their potential market size. 

Market sizing is the intricate practice of identifying all of the potential buyers of a specific product or service. Often times, companies are unaware of the appetite for their products in adjacent industries, or are targeting industries without a solid understanding of that industry’s size, resources, reach, or need. 

In your pursuit of new growth opportunities, we can help you evaluate the viability of entering new product lines, geographic regions, partnerships and even new markets. We seek to answer the following questions regarding your business:

  1. Do you know your share of the market? Your market share by geographic area?
  2. Do you know how many potential prospects exist in each industry segment and geographic area you service?
  3. Are you covering all the potential industry segments you can, beyond those you currently service?

By answering just a few short questions below, we can deliver a high level overview of your company’s potential market size, and begin to have a conversation around your future goals for growth.