E-Commerce Fuels Expansion in Consumer Electronics Company


+38% Year over Year growth, fueling growth expansion.


Our client, a Consumer Electronics distributor, e-Commerce business generates $12 million USD in annual revenues (9% of revenue), however, they believe the market opportunity is in excess of $75 million. North America’s e-commerce market is one of the most sophisticated and fastest-growing marketplaces in the world. The company does not have the experience and talent required to serve and leverage this channel. They are struggling to keep up with the constant evolution in online platforms, models, and customers. Their competition guarantee’s 24-72 hour delivery and their e-commerce teams are better equipped to rapidly respond to client and market changes.



We developed a roadmap that would enable the creation of a high performance e-Commerce organization – elements included: talent acquisition, on-boarding, training, process, KPI’s, pricing, product selection, promotion, customer experience and delivery.


In addition to the implementation roadmap, a detailed e-commerce market forecast model was built, showing a complete picture of the growth potential across all product segments. As progress was made, the e-Commerce team transitioned to a pro-active and highly capable environment that was in control of their growth levers. This new structure was built, led and monitored by a client & GrowthPoint joint team.