Pro-Active Customer Management Fuels Growth in Apparel Industry


+23% Year over Year revenue increase from existing customers fuels growth.


Our client, a leading distributor of apparel brands, had seen their revenue slowing and were struggling to drive growth in their existing customer base.

Customer relations management concept


After analyzing their customer portfolio, we were able segment into varying categories that could drive outcomes and expectations for their sales team. Using this approach we were quickly able to formulate a growth plan by account, and then measure the output of each account managers portfolio. A standardized account plan was developed to communicate the opportunities to each client, and tied into a standardized template used to communicate and sell to each of their clients. A new compensation plan was created to incent and reward the desired outcomes.


The new methodology and process drove accountability & pro-active management into the sales organization, which ultimately rewarded them with increased compensation over a 12 month period.