Distribution Company

“My decision to work with GrowthPoint was driven by a referral received from a trusted advisor.  They were able to quickly assess our business and implement a plan to drive rapid growth. Their approach saved money and time – getting the job done faster and more effectively.

GrowthPoint offers far more than assistance with driving growth, it gives me access to a team of highly experienced resources when I need one.  That’s a terrific benefit for the future”.


Technology Company

“A friend had spoken so highly of GrowthPoint that when we made a decision to invest in and grow our business rapidly I asked him to put me in touch with them straight away. Working with them over many years made all the difference to our approach, from building a solid business plan and set of strategic measures. Instead of focusing on the short term we built a clear plan for the future and a very solid structure to achieve our goals.

They bring so much more than just growth acumen, by way of insight, ideas and experience and they remain a key member of our management team.”

Managing Director